NAGOYA CITY UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Design and Architecture, School of Design and Architecture

School of Design and Architecture

Department of Informatics and Media Design

The Department of Informatics and Media Design focuses on design theories and techniques relating to interface planning that connects humans with media space and media design created by audio/visual technologies. The basis of information communication technology will be explored further with emphasis on interface design and audio/visual designs with students familiarizing themselves with principles and production methodologies of creating advanced interface mechanisms/software, web applications, network programming design/development and visuals production.

The department will teach principles and techniques concerning the field of informatics and media design, as well as providing practical production-related exercises throughout the duration of the 4 years course. This enables students understand the basic production procedures, allowing to acquire knowledge and understanding on concept planning, ways of imaginative exploration, design techniques and presentation that are all vital elements.
Practical exercises will focus on 'forms and basic design techniques' in Year 1 and basic methodologies on process and techniques on 'media and interaction design' in the first half of Year 2. Then on the students are invited to select their preferred themes from audio/visuals technology, music, textile, media equipment, media engineering/architecture and information communication. In the 4th year, students will select their preferred tutor in order to explore their own chosen research topic that will form as their final year project, which enables them to manage their projects from concept study to materialization of design solutions.