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International Exchange

International Exchange

The University of Padova (Italy)

Padova is situated in the north east of Italy near Venice and is famous for the fresco works by Giotto di Bondone. The University of Padova, the second oldest universities in Italy, opened in 1222. It has great tradition and was once taught by Galileo Galilei, the campus now offers 13 schools with 65 degree courses with more than 60,000 registered students. Lecturers are invited from the University to provide international workshops and seminars, and exchange students/graduates from Nagoya City University have flown every year to experience studies abroad.

Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design (France)

Saint-Etienne is situated in the middle high-lands in France. The University is a refurbished building, formerly a 19th century spinning wheel factory. It is formed of two schools, 'Art' and 'Design', but aims to harmonize the two disciplines as opposed to separating them. The Arts School focuses on advocating the coexistence of visual expression techniques and human science. The Design School seeks to focus on design movement that emphasizes the relationship between human and environment, advocating the importance of combining process and specialist knowledge.

Leipzig School of Applied Science (Germany)

The university of Leipzig School of Applied Science (HTWK) situates in the largest city in Sachsen of east Germany and offers a research environment for civil engineering, architecture and informatics engineering, which our University have in common with. Around 30 students and graduates from our University participated in a workshop carried out by invited lecturers from the Leipzig School. An exchange student flew to and studied there in 2009 and an international workshop was held over in Germany in 2010 where 15 of students from our University participated.

The University of Sharjah (UAE)

The University of Sharjah, situated in the third largest city of UAE, preserves the value and tradition of the Islamic culture and also focuses on internationally expansive research and education. It is the first Arab-based University we formed relationship with.
In 2010, a 'Diaphragm Workshop' was held at the School of Art and Design at of Sharjah University where 4 of our students participated and came into contact with their students and lecturers.