NAGOYA CITY UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Design and Architecture, School of Design and Architecture

School of Design and Architecture

Department of Architecture and Urban Design

The Department of Architecture and Urban Design will familiarize students with design theories and techniques that focus on architecture and urban environment that could be inhabited by civilians with a sense of assurance and pleasure. We believe that our curriculum encourages students to think about the architecture they use and have awareness in how people using the city sees the urban environment, as well as utilizing the earth-friendly technologies and site-specific sustainable possibilities each land offers.

Students will study the following theories and topics relating to architectural/urban design:

  1. Architectural Planning (architectural design, planning and history)
  2. Structure and Materials (principles and knowledge on structure and materials)
  3. Environment and Services (principles and knowledge on environmental control and services in architecture)
  4. Urban Planning and Context (principles and design theories on urban space/landscape

Taking basis from the above topics, students will be trained to develop their approach to design through 'design and architecture exercises' from the first year until the fourth year progressively. The fourth year will enable students to select their preferred tutor in order to intensify their research on the topics they are most interested in, with the final thesis project becoming their ultimate piece of work where they will explore the chosen theme from concept planning to materializing the design solutions. Upon graduation, the student will become eligible for taking examinations to become a qualified 2nd grade architect or a qualified architect for wooden buildings. A further two more professional experience at an architects' practice will allow students become eligible for taking examinations to become a qualified 1st grade architect.