NAGOYA CITY UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Design and Architecture, School of Design and Architecture

School of Design and Architecture

Department of Industrial Innovation Design

Innovation can be described as an expansive change or movement that provides new meanings to the existing society with new ideas and proactive attitude. Industrial innovation seeks to give new function or significance to objects and mechanisms that exist in our everyday life and the field of industrial design by utilizing new technologies and theories. Therefore, the Department of Industrial Innovation Design aims to develop students who would be capable of making such change with great emphasis on 'design'.
This department will provide students the opportunity to understand the basic principles and techniques in the above field through 1) graphic design, 2) product design and 3) applied information engineering. Representative topics from each field are as follows:
1) theories in visual design and computer graphics
2) theories in product design and prototyping engineering
3) experiment planning, statistical management, information engineering, robot engineering and fluid engineering

The basic theoretical/technical foundation for these topics and ways of applying them will be acquired during the first three years through practical exercises focusing on production of works and system development. Lecturers from the Department of Informatics and Media Design and the Department of Industrial Innovation Design will provide support in these exercises where students will be able to familiarize themselves with the basic procedures of design/system development, especially on concept planning, idea development, design techniques, system development techniques and presentation techniques that are vital elements to be tested within professional experience post-graduation.
Students will be invited to select their preferred tutor from the second half of the 3rd year in order to chose and explore the topics they are particularly interested in. Within the chosen research group, students will develop their final year project with helpful/constructive advice from their unit tutor.