NAGOYA CITY UNIVERSITY Graduate School of Design and Architecture, School of Design and Architecture

Graduate School of Design and Architecture

Master's Programs

Graduate School of Design and Architecture aims to train advanced specialists and researchers who will have a high level of understanding in human behaviour, wide range of perspective on society, expansive sensitivity to design, and a high level of knowledge and technical ability concerning science/technology, encouraging them to carry out creative research and production.
The school consists of the three Master's Programs (Informatics and Media Design, Industrial Innovation Design and Architecture and Urban Design), which will seek solutions for problems that exist within our society and aims to enable graduates to acquire ability to make contribution to developing a sustainable society.
The education system at the Graduate School of Design and Architecture not only take students who is seeking to become an advanced specialized professional or a researcher, but it also offers places for employed students who wish to revisit education or utilize research methods/achievements learnt at the school in their professional fields.

The content of each Master's Program is as follows:

1) Informatics and Media Design: Educational research program that focuses on systems/software for improving informatics environment through: audio/visual technology, interface, textile, media engineering, information communication engineering

2) Industrial Innovation Design: Educational research program that focuses on products/programming for improving, with technological development, the industrial field through: product, graphics, 3DCG, mechanics/electronics and human engineering.

3) Architecture and Urban Design: Educational research program that focuses on architecture/urban design and technologies through knowledge-based/technical studies on: architectural planning/design, structure, environment, and urban/regional issues.

Two Characteristics of the School

There are two characteristics that could be seen in the Graduate School of Design and Architecture:

On-campus and off-campus practical projects

The Master's Program seeks to teach students the relevance of the knowledge acquired at school in real life and assists them relate the theories/principles with practice by arranging off-campus exercises at professional design firms/studios and architectural practices. In contrast, employed students will be offered opportunities to come to school and carry out on-campus projects where they can explore case study or theme-specific research that could relate to their practical/professional experience.

Daytime/evening class and long-term learning

Both the Master's and Doctor's programs offer daytime/evening and long-term learning flexibility which enables employed students more assurance on handling their professional tasks whilst on the course. Employed students may attend the evening lectures/seminars from 17.50 - 21.00 and saturday classes, allowing them to complete the required modules within a set period. Students who will find difficulties to adapt to this due to various personal reasons may chose to extend their stay until completion of the chose modules without any additional running-on fees.