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Nagoya City University Dean, Graduate School of Design and Architecture and School of Design and Architecture Kenichi Suzuki
Nagoya City University
Graduate School of Design and Architecture
and School of Design and Architecture
Haruyuki Kusama

The School of Design and Architecture is an educational research institute which aims to organically harmonizes the essence and ideas of the two disciplines. Its objective is to explore designs for the future society, with fundamental focus on human's ability/understanding in technology and sensitivity. The school is one of the few in the country which contains the term 'Design and Architecture' and hence operates with awareness that its works can contribute to the new age with great importance.

The School of Design and Architecture at Nagoya City University is enjoying its 17th year, after opening in 1996, which consisted of two departments. It is now expanding to three departments from this year in order to respond to the accelerating demands for new designs in current times. The Department of Media Design has evolved into two new departments:- the 'Department of Informatics and Media Design' and the 'Department of Industrial Innovation Design'. The two new departments and the ever-present 'Department of Architecture and Urban Design' will together bring forward valuable research and ideas for the School.

The Department of Informatics and Media Design will focus on media-related designs such as interface, and audio-visuals; The Department of Industrial Innovation Design on industrial design, graphics design and 3DCG; and The Department of Architecture and Urban Design on theory and technology of architectural design/planning, environmental design, structural mechanics and urban planning.

An element of 'design' is fundamental in the field of Design and Architecture and this is precisely why all departments implement the terminology in their names.
Design is an action which seeks to propose and materialise principles/ideas that is based on views that can be shared by many other people. It distances from merely following the forefront of visible trends - rather, it aims to understand the sociological problems and targets that become apparent from such movements, and tries to develop strategies in resolving them. It requires an ability to propose a concrete model or a mechanism that could act as solutions based on the strategies. Design provides rationality and order to something that had been overlooked by the society and gives new meanings and functions. It transforms ambiguity into something concrete, an unseen to a seen, unsafe into safe, or an old to a new. It improves the everyday life of people who benefits from the new ideas as opposed to being a tool that inwardly expresses designers' egos. If the users could sympathize and feel inspired from it, 'design' could become a powerful and meaningful tool. The academic field of Design and Architecture can be a key driver that opens up possibilities for a bright, new society.