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Research Groups

Medicinal and Life Sciences

Department Research topics
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
(Hidehiko Nakagawa, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Molecular design, synthesis, and evaluation of biologically functional and useful compounds
  • Development of the methods for exploration and analysis for bioactive substances like medical leads based on chemical approach
  • Bioorganic chemistry for reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide
  • Development of the compounds for controlling cellular properties based on photochemistry and organic chemistry
Bioorganic-inorganic Chemistry
(Naoki Umezawa, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Creation of functional molecules useful for elucidating biological functions
  • Rational design and synthesis of pharmaceutical lead compounds
  • Development of functional molecules based on new concepts
  • Development of technologies to achieve drug discovery using medium-sized molecules (e.g., peptides)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
(Seiichi Nakamura, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Studies on the Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products
  • Development of Efficient Methods for Construction of Molecular Architectures
  • Development of Novel Asymmetric Reactions
Synthetic Supramolecular Chemistry
(Shin-ichi Ikeda, Ph.D., Associate Professor)
  • Development of New Organic Reaction Using Transition-Metal Catalysts
  • Analysis of Molecular Recognition by Computational Chemstry
Cellular Biophysics
(Naohide Hirashima, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Mechanism of Exocytosis
  • Analysis of Allergic Responses
  • Mechanism of Neural Development
  • Development of Visualization Methods for Cellular Responses
Physical Chemistry of Colloid and Polymer
(Junpei Yamanaka, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Phase transition and phase separation of colloids
  • Theoretical and numerical study of nonequilibrium soft matter
  • Development of novel photonic colloidal materials
  • Crystallization of charged colloids under microgravity
Molecular Biology
(Michiko Shirane, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Organelle biology
  • Neurological diseases
  • Signal transduction
Drug Delivery and Nano Pharmaceutics
(Tetsuya Ozeki, Ph.D., Professor)
  • DDS for Brain Tumor Therapy
  • Nanoparticles DDS for Inhalation Therapy of Tuberculosis
  • DDS for Regeneration Medication of Bone Tissue
  • DDS for Malaria Therapy
  • Nanoparticles for Water-insoluble Drugs
Structural Biology and Biomolecular Engineering
(Koichi Kato, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Structural Glycobiology
  • Protein Sociology
  • Structural Immunology
  • NMR Structural Biology and Protein X-ray Crystallography
  • Structure-based Biomolecular Engineering
Multilevel Biofunctional Analytics
(Hirokazu Yagi, Ph.D., Associate Professor)
  • Glycobiology: Exploring the Role of glycans in Neurology, Immunology, Cancer, and Viral Infections
  • Understanding the network of biomolecules using omics analysis

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacy

Department Research topics
(Toshiaki Makino, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology of Kampo Medicines
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology of Plant Secondary Metabolism
  • Natural Product Chemistry using Endogenous Bacteria
  • Quality Control for Natural Medicaments
Molecular and Cellular Health Sciences
(Shigeaki Hida, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Role of interleukins in immune and inflammatory reactions
  • Host defense mechanism against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Etiological role of cigarette smoking in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Immune evasion mechanisms by microorganisms
Biological Chemistry
(Shin-ichi Hoshino, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Mechanism of mRNA Decay in Eukaryotes
  • Posttranscriptional Regulation of Gene Expression
  • Mechanism of mRNA Quality Control (Surveillance)
  • Roles of eRF3 Family G Proteins in the Regulation of mRNA Decay
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
(Hisao Yamamura, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Molecular Functions of Ion Channels and Related Diseases / Channelopathy
  • Bioimaging of Cellular Ion Dynamics and Ion Channel Molecules
  • Discovery of Drugs acting on Ion Channels and Screening System
Biomedical Science
(Mitsuharu Hattori, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Molecular mechanism of brain development
  • Molecular mechanism of neuronal shape formation
  • Understanding how human brain works
  • Exploring novel lipid signaling in neuronal cells
(Hiroaki Yuasa, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Functions and Regulation Mechanisms of Transporters Involved in Drug Disposition
  • Roles of Transporters in Drug Disposition
  • Physiological and Pathophysiological Roles of Transporters
  • Methodologies of Evaluation and Prediction of Drug Disposition
Molecular, Cellular Pathobiology and Therapeutics
(Mineyoshi Aoyama, Ph.D.,M.D., Professor)
  • Molecular Mechanism of Atherosclerosis
  • Pathobiology of Thrombosis and Development of New Therapeutics
  • Analysis of Pathophysiological Roles of Sphingolipids in the Development of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Syndromes
  • Cellular Mechanism of Wound Healing and Development of New Therapeutics
Cell Signalling
(Yasumichi Inoue, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Stressors and Lifestyle Related Disease
  • Cellular Stress and Regulation of Cell Growth, Apoptosis and Differentiation
  • Development of Molecular Target Therapy of Cancer
  • Drug Metabolism in Pathological Conditions
  • Development of Experimental Models to Reconstitute Drug Metabolism and Toxicity in Human
(Kazuhiko Kume, M.D., Ph.D., Professor)
  • Sleep and Circadian rhythm studies using Drosophila melanogaster
  • Establishment of effective treatment of neuropathic pain
  • Prevention and treatment of undesirable effect of the drugs
  • Establishment of effective treatment of metabolic syndrome.
Clinical Pharmacy
(Takahiro Iwao, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Differentiation of Human iPS Cells into Hepatocytes and Small Intestinal Epithelial Cells
  • Establishment of Gisease Specific iPS Cells from Inherited Metabolic Disease Patients
  • Mechanism of Diabetes Vascular Endothelium Dysfunction
  • Development of Continuing Education Program for Pharmacists
Hospital Pharmacy
(Yuji Hotta, Ph.D., Associate Professor)
  • Lower urinary symptoms
  • Acute and chronic kidney disease
  • Male sexual dysfunction
  • Congenital metabolic disorders
  • Clinical research
Regulatory Science
(Masahiro Tohkin, Ph.D., Professor)
  • The molecular mechanism of idiosyncratic adverse drug reactions.
  • The biomarker for idiosyncratic adverse drug reactions, and clinical application for the precision medicine.
  • Ethnic difference of the drug efficacy and safety.
  • Quantitative structure–activity relationship of the toxicity of environmental chemicals and drugs.
  • Pharmaco-epidemiological study of drug safety and efficacy.
  • Meta-analysis of the drug efficacy and safety.

Affiliate Graduate School

Department Research topics
(Masahiro Aoki, M.D., Professor (Division of Pathophysiology, Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute))
  • Clarifying the roles of tumor microenvironment in cancer progression
  • Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of metastasis
  • Unraveling the pathophysiology of cancer cachexia
  • Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of exosome biogenesis
  • Elucidating the spatial regulation of oncogenic signaling via lipid rafts
  • Clarifying the roles of microRNA in cancer progression
Experimental Gerontology
(Koichi Iijima, Ph. D., Professor (Department of Alzheimer's Disease Research, Center for Development of Advanced Medicine for Dementia))
  • Mechanisms underlying Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathogenesis
  • Identification of genetic risk factors of AD
  • Development of therapeutic strategy for AD
  • Endocytosis and axonal transport defects in AD
Pharmaceutical Quality Science
(Ken-ichi Izutsu, Ph.D., Professor (Division of Cell-Based Therapeutic Products, National Institute of Health Sciences))
Integrative Science for Dynamic Living Systems
(Kazuhiro Aoki, Ph.D., Professor (Quantitative Biology Group, National Institutes of Natural Sciences))
  • Live cell imaging and quantification of cell cycle and apoptosis
  • Optogenetic manipulation of intracellular signal transduction
  • Whole brain imaging in C. elegans
  • Development of new molecular dynamics simulation algorithm
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of protein aggregates and amyloid fibrils
Regulatory Science for Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
(Tomoko Ohsawa, Ph.D., Professor (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency))
  • PMDA
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Safety triangle
  • Regulatory science

Educational Research Center for Clinical Pharmacy

Department Research topics
Clinical Pharmacy
(Tadashi Suzuki, Ph.D., Professor)
  • Differentiation of Human iPS Cells into Hepatocytes and Small Intestinal Epithelial Cells
  • Establishment of Gisease Specific iPS Cells from Inherited Metabolic Disease Patients
  • Mechanism of Diabetes Vascular Endothelium Dysfunction
  • Development of Continuing Education Program for Pharmacists