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Message from the Dean

Takafumi Azami, Dean

The mission of nursing is not only to be involved in the recovery of clients' health and the alleviation of their suffering among patients in hospitals, but also to maintain and promote health and prevent disease, including in families and communities, so that people can live their own lives.
 In our undergraduate education, we have been fostering human resources who can contribute to health, medical care, and welfare through nursing, with a focus on human dignity. Furthermore, in response to the changes and diversification of social conditions such as aging and internationalization, we aim to develop human resources who not only have basic skills, but also possess a rich humanity and a high sense of medical ethics, and who can be active in the medical and nursing fields and contribute to the community and society. In addition, we offer educational programs that allow students to master the theories and practices necessary for public health nursing activities, and although it is an elective course, students can also acquire qualifications to take the National Public Health Nursing Examination. In terms of international exchange program, overseas training and faculty exchange activities are conducted with Hallym University in Korea from 2010.
 The graduate school education aims to nurture researchers and professionals with a high level of expertise and academic perspectives. The university has established an environment that allows students to continue their studies while still in their current positions by introducing a long-term course system and day/evening classes. To date, more than 200 students have completed the doctoral program, and each of them is active in university education and nursing practice.
 In addition, in cooperation with other faculties such as the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the university has established an educational program for regional participatory learning in the field of medicine and nursing in the field of liberal arts education, and is working on multidisciplinary cooperation from the student stage. We also participate in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Problem-Solving Advanced Medical Human Resource Development Program to develop human resources.
 Our department and graduate school are committed to nurturing nurses with high ethical standards who can respect each individual, protect people's health, and contribute to society.

April1, 2023

Keiko Akashi, Ph.D. Dean