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Access & Inquiries

Access & Campus Map

Access to University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Medical School

From Central Japan International Airport(Centrair) to Nagoya Station:28 minutes by the Rapid Limited Express Train(Meitetsu)
To Kawasumi Campus (University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Medical School)
From Nagoya Station:16 minutes by Subway Sakuradori Line to Sakurayama Station.
The Campus is very close to Sakurayama Station.


  1. Administration Building
  2. Library and Information Processing Center Kawasumi Branch / Sakura Auditorium
  3. Medical School(Research Medicine)
  4. Medical School(Fundamental Education)
  5. Institute of Molecular Medicine and Radioisotope Research Laboratory
  6. Center of Experimental Animal Science
  7. Students' Hall
  8. Alumni Hall(Dousou Kaikan)
  9. School of Nursing
  10. University Hospital
  11. University Hospital
  12. University Hospital
  13. University Hospital Parking for Visitors
  14. Subway Exit (Sakuradori Line Sakurayama Station)
  15. Sakuranbo Nursery
  16. West Building


General inquiries can be directed to:

Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences Office

Address 1,Kawasumi,Mizuho-cho,Mizuho-ku Nagoya 467-8601,Japan
Tel 81-52-853-8077
FAX 81-52-842-0863
*We will not accept inquiries regarding entrance examinations by phone and fax.