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Graduate School


In the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, researchers in various fields of research in humanities and social sciences are engaged in research activities in eight courses in the Master's Course of the Doctoral Program and in two courses in the Doctor's Course of the Doctoral Program. In particular, as of April 2017, the graduate school has opened the Course of Clinical Psychology, and provided practical training, etc. in collaboration with the Nagoya City Board of Education, the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, the University Hospital and the School of Nursing to foster excellent licensed psychologists and clinical psychologists.

The Master's Course and Doctor's Course of the Doctoral Program are offered in both day-time and evening classes (except the Clinical Psychology Course) to widely accommodate working adults, and many graduate students in full-time employment are studying enthusiastically.

Master's Program in Humanities and Social Sciences

The Master's Course of the Doctoral Program provides eight courses ‒ Global Culture; Japanese Culture; Regional Culture and Symbiosis; Urban Policy; Gender, Welfare and Sociology; Psychological Development; Society and Education; and Clinical Psychology. In each course, more than one faculty member and student conduct research jointly, deepening their research through presentation and discussion. The Course of Clinical Psychology provides a wide array of curricula and fulfilling extracurricular practical work to produce highly skilled psychological specialists. In the Medical Psychology Center established in the University Hospital in April 2017, the Clinical Psychology Counseling Room is open and available as a practical training facility, providing psychological counseling to citizens with a range of concerns, under the supervision of faculty members of the university qualified as licensed clinical psychologists.

Doctoral Program in Humanities and Social Sciences

In two research areas, Cultural Research; and Human and Social Research, students who are researching with us and preparing their doctoral papers have various goals in mind: aiming to be researchers in the future, or taking advantage of their research outcome for their professional activities, or even for their educational activities.

Areas of study