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Official Students' Organization

NCU GO (Global Organization)!

What is "NCU GO!"?

"NCU GO!"is an organization authorized by the International Exchange Center. We have been launched to promote international exchange in Nagoya City University. Our main activity is to support the students who want to study abroad and international students from overseas.

What do we do?

  • To support the students who are interested in studying abroad, we give advice about studying abroad and learning languages based on our experiences.
  • To support the foreign students, we set up parties and events. Ex. welcome parties, "Let's eat toppogi (Korean traditional food)." Advantages and benefits for members
  • You can make friends from various countries
  • Your experiences in foreign countries help others.
  • You can plan international events.
  • You can join us any time without losing time for club activities and part-time jobs.
  • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Where are "NCU GO!" activities held?

・At International Exchange Center, Takiko Campus.
・We hold meetings during lunch hour a couple of times every month. But due to COVID-19, we cannot hold the lunch meeting now.
・How to contact us? Members wanted! We invite you to visit to our meetings! Anyone interested can join us.

Twitter:@ncu_go https://twitter.com/ncu_go?s=21
Instagram:@ncu_go https://instagram.com/ncu_go?utm_medium=copy_link
e-mail: ncugo1031〔at〕gmail.com

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Club activity for Japanese learners “よいしょ(Yoisyo)”

“よいしょ” hold Japanese classes for all Japanese learners at NCU. We support the Japanese studies of everyone who wants to learn Japanese as an official students' organization of the International Exchange Center of Nagoya City University.

What is “よいしょ” ?

Japanese students help you study Japanese letters, grammar, and practical phrases in daily conversations. We also hold various events!
*When the pandemic is over, we plan to expand our community, and let more people outside of our university join classes.

What do we do?

We hold classes about twice a week, and each class lasts 90 mins. We provide you a specific monthly schedule every month. In classes, we enjoy talking about good news, favorite things, and Japanese cultures in Japanese.
Before the pandemic, we held various events, such as New Year’s Party and rice cake party. We still hold events online in the current situation.

Join us!!

You can enjoy studying Japanese thoroughly by sharing various topics, playing games, and building good relationships with Japanese and other international students! We provide you flexible classes according to your Japanese levels and preferences. Also, if you have any friends who are interested in learning Japanese, they are highly welcomed! We contact each other via LINE, so if you want to know more, please feel free to ask us through SNS or Gmail. Look forward to talking with all of you!


G-mail: yoisho.ncu@gmail.com
Twitter: @Yoisho_ncu
Instagram: yoisho_ncu

International Exchange Center (Building No.3 on the Takiko Campus)

E-mail: ryugaku[at]sec.nagoya-cu.ac.jp
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