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Contact Point agreement with Brawijaya University (Indonesia)

Nagoya City University(NCU) and Brawijaya University (UB) have concluded contact point agreement on May 25th, 2023.
A memorandum of student exchange was also signed at the same time.

A signing ceremony was held in NCU on that day to commemorate the conclusion.
Presidents of the both universities made the following remarks in this event.

Dr. Widodo, president of UB said "We would like to promote the exchange of researchers and students.”

Dr. Asai, president of NCU said ”We are impressed with the academic performance of the students from UB that we have accepted so far. We hope to accept more students in the future.

The event was participated by representatives of the faculties and a lively discussion ensued.

After the ceremony, Dr. Widodo gave a special lecture "Bioinformatic and holistic paradigm of the complexity of Indonesia traditional medicine for promoting human health.
Many NCU researchers and students attended the lecture.

Since signing an exchange agreement in 2020 originating from the collaboration in the Graduate School of Science, NCU and UB have promoted student exchange and academic cooperation.

More and more collaborations are expected near future.

Dr. Widodo and Dr. Asai

Dr. Widodo and Dr. Asai

All the participants

All the participants