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Knowledge and Opinions About Abortion"Introduction of SDG Ambassador Activities"

SDG 5, Target 5.6

Knowledge and Opinions About Abortion

Summary We focused on SDG 5, target 5.6, “Ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.” In the world, many women have children when they were young. As a result, they lose the chance to learn at school and get a good job. To improve this situation,we thought we should give women the right to abortion. Our purpose is to spread knowledge about abortion and recognize women's rights. The global problem of abortion is that the number of unsafe abortions is large. Moreover, many girls and women need hospitalization because of complications and 39,000 people die yearly. Japanese problem of abortion is the method of abortion. WHO suggests the abortion pill for women's safety, but in Japan, the primary method is surgery called curettage and inhalation methods. To achieve our goal, we decided to ask NCU students their knowledge and opinions about abortion online. Seventyfive percent of the respondents were medical students at the first-year level. We made eight quick facts (respondents' knowledge) and five questionnaires (respondents' opinions). The average score for quick facts was 3.5/8. We found that most students did not have enough knowledge about abortion. However, the issue of abortion is close to us, and we need to have sufficient knowledge. We plan to collect more information by taking surveys from more students. The current state of abortion is a problem, but we think it is also a problem that students do not know about abortion.
Year/month April 2023 – July 2023
URL ncutimetoactnow Instagram account