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To Solve the Water Crisis-Introduction of SDG Ambassador Activities-

SDG 6, Target 6.4

To Solve the Water Crisis

Summary We focused on SDG 6, Target 6.4, “Increase water-use efficiency and ensure freshwater supplies.” The water crisis is a critical problem not only in the world but also in Japan.
According to the United Nations, in 2020, 2 billion people live without safely managed drinking water service, including 1.2 billion people lacking even a basic level of service. Water shortage comes from several reasons, like increased population, climate change, inefficient water use and others. Among them, we thought inefficient water use was the most important reason.
According to the United Nations, 70% of water is used for agriculture, while one-third of food
is wasted. We use much water to grow food, so wasting food equals wasting water. In this project, we aimed to reduce inefficient use of water in our daily lives. To achieve this goal, we made two other goals. One is to lower the amount of virtual water, and the other is to decrease the amount of wasted water. During the project, we checked the amount of water used for laundry and cooking for the first week and changed our lifestyles on the second week. We were able to use water efficiently and cut down water consumption. We realized that a little awareness can contribute to solving water crisis.
Year/month April 2023 – July 2023
URL ncutimetoactnow Instagram account