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Zero Hunger for All People"Introduction of SDG Ambassador Activities"

SDG 2, Target 2.1

Zero Hunger for All People

Summary The food self-sufficiency of Japan is the lowest among G7 countries. Nevertheless, there is also a lot of food waste in Japan. The team aims to find solutions to these problems. Two members did a project to reduce food waste at home for two weeks. During the first week, from June 8th to June 13th, Kaede, who lives alone, and Atsushi, who lives with his family, checked their food waste at home, respectively. The members changed their lifestyles in the second week, from June 14th to June 21st. Furthermore, in 2020, 10% of the people in the world experienced hunger. Due to wars, COVID-19, climate change, and others, hunger has become a big problem. To learn about hunger problem in Japan, the other two members, Tamami and Yuna, decided to go to Second Harvest Nagoya to do volunteer work. On the volunteer day, the managing director of Second Harvest Nagoya shared what the organization is about, and after that, we did volunteer work for about an hour. We learned that hunger is a severe problem in Japan, too. We need to reduce food waste and consider donating our extra food to people who do not have enough food. We have food waste and food loss at home. Therefore, we should change our lifestyle. We hope to end world hunger by reducing food waste in our homes and in Japan.
Year/month April 2023 – July 2023
URL ncutimetoactnow Instagram account
Second Harvest Nagoya セカンドハーベスト名古屋