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Library and Information Processing Center

The Library and Information Processing Center is consisted of the academic information section centering on library functions and the information system section controlling the information network forming the backbone of academic activities.

Academic Information Section (Library)

The academic information section, which assumes library functions, has branches on each of the four campuses, namely: Yamanohata Branch, Kawasumi Branch, Tanabe-dori Branch and Kita Chikusa Branch. These branches contain the collection and storage of specialized books and magazines. All books and magazines in these branches can be searched through a computerized system, and lent out and returned through simplified procedures. Books and magazines not available in the library are also available through photocopies under the mutual lending/borrowing system with other university libraries.
As of March 31, 2017
Branch/Type Number of books Number of magazines
Japanese books Foreign books Total Japanese magazines Foreign magazines Total
Yamanohata Branch 384,353 181,382 565,735 4,441 2,216 6,657
Kawasumi Branch 91,784 43,196 134,980 2,024 1,550 3,574
Tanabe-dori Branch 31,046 36,067 67,113 662 648 1,310
Kita Chikusa Branch 66,565 23,339 89,904 744 211 955
Total 573,748 283,984 857,732 7,871 4,625 12,496

Information System Section

The information system section is located on Takiko (Yamanohata) Campus. It is equipped with an information processing room and a personal computer room. Branch on each campus are also equipped with personal computers for viewing information. The NCU network provides services for education, research and office work. Various information systems are offered for use in the Internet, e-mail, academic affairs information system and other information processing systems. Any inquiries from students and faculty members about information processing can be made here.