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International Exchange Center

As the predecessor of International Exchange Center (IEC), the International Exchange Promotion Center (IEPC) was established in March 2008 to nurture internationally-minded human resources, facilitate international joint research and support activities, help promote regional internationalization, and contribute to the development of the international community. In order to expand exchange with overseas universities and research institutes, the IEPC evolved into the IEC in April 2014, which sends academic staff overseas and accepts visiting scholars from foreign countries as well as encourages the conclusion of academic exchange agreements with universities in other parts of the world. Furthermore, the IEC provides students study-abroad programs for various periods and with a range of contents to actively promote student overseas dispatch, such as exchange programs with partner universities. In addition, the IEC located in Building No. 3, Takiko (Yamanohata) Campus, gives hands on support to students who are considering study abroad by providing the following services:

Consultation regarding studying abroad

The dedicated staff at the Center respond to inquiries from students for advice about studying abroad at partner universities and other modes of studying abroad.

Lending language learning materials, and providing reference materials for viewing

As well as English learning materials, the Center provides a variety of learning materials for Chinese, French and other foreign languages as a second foreign language. The Center also provides materials for NCU's study-abroad program, memoirs from previous students, magazines on studying abroad and a large number of other reference materials related to studying in various foreign countries.

"Talk Time" in foreign languages

In order to provide an opportunity to communicate in foreign languages with international students, the Center offers students a session called "Talk Time" in foreign languages during lunch time.

Holding events with exchange students

The Center holds various events, such as welcome parties, as opportunities for exchange with students from partner universities in foreign countries.

Transmitting International Exchange Information

The Center transmits a variety of information about international exchange via "IEC EXPRESS," an information magazine, and its website. The IEC will, while seeking the improvement of study-abroad support activities for students, actively promote the conclusion of academic exchange agreements with universities in foreign countries in order to expedite exchange with them.