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Graduate School of Nursing


The Graduate School of Nursing pursues theories and practice of nursing and midwifery based on the practicalities of human health and welfare, and nurtures students to be high-level, advanced nursing professionals who are in high demand by the 21st-century medical care, health and welfare fields, and who are excellent educators and researchers who can respond actively to the needs of society. Furthermore, the school promotes cutting-edge research on community health, medical care, and welfare disciplines in compliance with current medical care.

Master's Program in Nursing

The discipline of nursing
The discipline comprises following ten specialized fields. The academic objective is cultivating students' research abilities to solve problems in their clinical fields.
  • Reproductive Health Nursing

  • Child and Family Health Care Nursing

  • Critical Care Nursing*

  • Chronic Care Nursing

  • Gerontological Nursing

  • Nursing Administration and Management

  • Infection Control and Prevention

  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing*

  • Community Health Nursing

  • Global and Community Health
Those fields marked with * in the above have professional nurse courses to train Certified Nurse Specialists (CNS) who can provide a high level of nursing care.
The discipline of midwifery
The discipline has two courses. One is a course to cultivate educators and researchers who quest for solutions to mother-child health issues, and the other for training advanced-level midwifery practitioners.

Doctoral Program in Nursing

The Doctoral program has, as its academic objective, the goal of developing excellent educators and researchers who can undertake academic research in nursing related health promotion and advanced nursing care. The Doctoral program includes two disciplines; (1)"Health Support in Nursing" composed of Reproductive Health Nursing/Midwifery, Child and Family Health Care Nursing, Critical Care Nursing and Gerontological Nursing, and (2) "Care System Nursing" composed of Infection Control and Prevention, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing and Global and Community Health.