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Graduate School of Medical Sciences


The Graduate School of Medical Sciences intends to produce creative medical researchers and doctors who have advanced expertise and applied skills. Towards this objective, the graduate school allows researchers in basic sciences and clinical medicine to tackle most advanced medical research.

Doctoral Program in Structure and Function in Biomedical Sciences

Doctoral students study structure-activity relationships that regulate biological functions of living organisms.

Doctoral Program in Biosignaling and Regulation in Medical Sciences

In this doctoral program, students study biological function control via physiology and biological information processing.

Doctoral Program in Biodefense System and Comprehensive Medical Sciences

Doctoral students study biological functions and their control mechanisms on constitutive substance and molecule basis.

Doctoral Program in Community Medicine,Environmental Health Sciences and Medical Education

The students in this doctoral course analyze links between human health and environmental as well as social factors, which are causative to various disorders and diseases.

Master's Program in Medical Sciences

Based on NCU's history and achievement in medical research and education, Master's program provides opportunities in research training as well as advanced professional education to students who have completed a four-year undergraduate education. Our goals are identification of disease etiology, treatment and prevention of disease, health promotion, and establishment of welfare.

This program is open to students who wish to be specialists with professional expertise in medical science integrating basic and clinical medicine, and to students who plan to enter the doctoral program.