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School of Design and Architecture

Cultivating Students to be All-round Designers Possessing Designing Techniques and Sensitivity and Ability of Human Understanding

The School of Design and Architecture was established in April 1996 as an institution for training designers in multidisciplinary design and architecture (i.e., competent designers, possessing designing techniques and sensitivity and ability of human understanding). The school has two departments namely, Department of Design and Information Technology, and Department of Architecture and Urban Design. The quota for each department is 40. The school features a curriculum structure that allows students to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and study both theory and practice in a balanced manner. To achieve this purpose, students are exposed to substantial subjects, including practical training in design and architecture carried out in small classes so that the students can embody their visions and ideas in pieces of work and present them. For use in education and research, the school is equipped with up-to-date facilities, such as optical forming machines, motion captures and 3D scanners. Its production environment is well-endowed in terms of 3D computer graphics, visual, audio and other equipment. Another feature of the school is that the students are engaged in social action programs by utilizing the knowledge and designing capability they have acquired, such as decorating hospital interior, painting walls in welfare facilities, producing posters for local events, producing goods in collaboration with Higashiyama Park, and others.