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Faculty & Graduate school


Outline of the departments / Features of the curriculum

Department of Pharmacy

The students study medical science related to drugs and medication in a comprehensive manner, and obtain qualification for the national examination for pharmacists. This six-year curriculum aims at preparing the students for being pharmacists and other pharmaceutical personnel who can contribute to various fields related to medical care.

Department of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

The students acquire an extensive knowledge of new drug development and life science ranging from the basic knowledge to advanced knowledge. Based on such broad knowledge, this four-year curriculum aims at cultivating students to be researchers and developers of new drugs for contribution to the development of life science and medical care.

A student is qualified for the national examination for pharmacists if he/she satisfies the requirements specified by the Ordinance of the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry that he/she should enroll by 2017 and complete the Master's Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences.