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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Questing for Knowledge and Contributing to Medical Service by Developing New Drugs

NCU's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has a history of 130 years since it was established in 1884 as Nagoya School of Pharmacy. Since its foundation, this faculty has played a central, consistent role in the field of pharmaceutical research in this region.

As pharmaceutical science is a discipline essential to medical care, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences intends to train students to master the general principles of proper management, utilization, research and development of new drugs, and contribute to societal needs.

In the academic year 2006, this Faculty reorganized the four-year Department of Pharmacy and Department of Pharmaceutics into the following: (1) the six-year Department of Pharmacy mainly to nurture pharmacists, and (2) the four-year Department of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences mainly to nurture pharmaceutical researchers and engineers.

The curriculum of each department allows the students to acquire professional ability systematically and practically through lectures, practical training, and graduation work.The students are expected to go on to the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences to acquire further work in advanced drug development and life science or medical care functional pharmaceutical science, and play an active role as researchers and developers of new drugs or pharmacists contributing to advanced medical treatment.