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Faculty & Graduate school


Outline of the departments / Features of the curriculum

School of Nursing

The curriculum of the School of Nursing is made up of general education subjects, basic special subjects and specialized subjects.

The general education subjects include general culture subjects, foreign language subjects and information subjects. Utilizing the advantages of being a general university, a wide variety of liberal arts classes are open to this department. In addition, in order for the students to acquire the basic ability necessary for medical personnel, on-site training is available in conjunction with the students of the Medical School and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences immediately after their enrollment.

The basic specialized subjects offer basic knowledge for practical nursing care. Subjects are taken regarding physiological, psychological and social aspects of human diseases, treatment.

The specialized subjects allow students to gain an understanding of nursing theory and acquire practical nursing skills. Subjects include basic nursing science theories and techniques characteristics of human development and health problems, nursing according to specific lifestyle and treatment environments, and nursing systems and health promotion and medical care. Ample opportunity for practical training at hospitals,including the University Hospital, and healthcare centers and welfare facilities for hands-on learning is also offered as part of the course.