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School of Nursing

Nurturing Human Resources Who Can Understand Human Dignity and Help People in Health Preservation, Medical Care and Welfare through Nursing Activities

The School of Nursing, which was established in 1999, is the youngest of six schools within NCU. However, the School of Nursing has a long history and tradition; its origin as a teaching institution dates back to 1931.

Nursing is one of the sciences which is deeply concerned with human health. It is a practical science which aims to support human life in consideration of each patient's life stage and living environment. Every nurse is required to possess advanced knowledge and a sophisticated sense of response to and specialization in medical care, working as a member of a medical team and promoting people's interest in health.

Thus the School of Nursing intends to train and nurture medical personnel who can understand human dignity and contribute to health promotion, medical care and welfare through their nursing activities. Compulsory education in all fields of nursing has been provided to the students enrolled before 2011. The public health nursing is currently taught as an elective.