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Faculty & Graduate school


Outline of the departments / Features of the curriculum

Department of Psychology and Education

The Department of Psychology and Education proposes to foster individuals as people who favor the scientific view and have a warm outlook on people. We want to develop students who can understand human diversity and put effort into supporting lifelong development and nurturing the next generation. For this purpose, the department is applying a curriculum based on psychology and education through the disciplines of "human understanding," "human cultivation," "lifelong development and environment" and "psychological and educational techniques."

Department of Social Studies

The Department of Social Studies is dedicated to fostering individuals who can deeply recognize the complexity of modern society and provide for the welfare of all its citizens. Its curriculum, centering on sociology, is structured so that the students can develop their ability to analyze modern society from various perspectives. By studying politics, law, social welfare and history, they will acquire the skills to survey and analyze contemporary society and to develop the ability to design a better society.

Department of Intercultural Studies

The Department of Intercultural Studies provides a broad curriculum in order for its students to learn foreign languages as well as engage in cultural exchange and symbiosis with different cultures from the comparative point of view. This is predicated on the belief that students can cultivate their minds to be open to "foreign cultures" through having an interest in and understanding of their own culture. The department aims to raise the knowledge and skills of students in order to enrich cross-cultural communication.