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Faculty & Graduate school


Outline of the departments / Features of the curriculum

Department of Public Policy in Economics

In this department, the students study economics. By studying economics, the students can understand the behavioral principle of economic agents (households, firms and governments), and, based on their understanding, analyze and evaluate the policies of central and local governments. In view of this, the department has established a curriculum to enable the students to systematically study the basic elements and application areas of economics. On this basis, the department trains the students for discussion considering the behavior of economic agents to enable them to propose policy for central and local governments or management planning at companies.

Department of Management Systems

Students in this department study various organizational management structures from two viewpoints, "business administration" and "institutional economics and economic history." The curriculum of the department is so designed that, in business administration, the students can study the formation of organization, the development of new business, the creation of marketing strategies, and the structure of human resource management, and in the area of institutional economics and economic history, the students can study the structures of companies, local communities, nations and international society from the institutional and historical points of view. Thus, the department aims at cultivating human resources who can achieve great understanding of company management and be familiar with institutional economics and economic history.

Department of Accounting and Finance

The Students in this department study company activities from the viewpoint of financing. "Finance" refers to the study of how companies should make decisions pertaining to finance, and "accounting" refers to the study of how companies should report their financial conditions internally and externally. Under the curriculum, students can comprehensively study both the areas of accounting and finance, and also the subjects of statistical and quantitative methods and information processing related to accounting and finance. The department aims at cultivating them to be advanced professionals in accounting and financing.