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School of Data Science

Providing society with human resources capable of utilizing practical data science

We established the School of Data Science in 2023 as NCU’s eighth faculty department.
With growing expectations towards the realization of Society 5.0, there is increasing need for data science, the academic discipline that will apply knowledge and skills related to AI and other information sciences and statistics towards using big data to develop new perspectives. Taking interest in the various phenomena and issues concerning information technology and data utilization as it relates to IT, business, and medical care. By applying the systemic knowledge and skills of statistics, mathematics, and informatics engineering, as well as the fundamental knowledge of economics towards the gathering, management, and analysis of the massive data that exists in society, it is possible to conduct objective validation and analysis, and work towards practical proposals for resolving societal issues. We are striving to nurture the development of human resources with these skills.
The school is characterized by: (1) a well-balanced assignment of full-time faculty members in the basic field of data science as well as the three data science application fields of IT, business, and medicine to enable diverse data science education, research, and collaboration both internally and externally in a way that leverages each faculty member’s area of specialty based on data; (2) a focus on cultivating practical data science skills through problem-solving exercises in cooperation with data science practitioners; and (3) contributions to university-wide data science education at NCU. The School of Data Science aims to contribute to society and academic fields by positioning itself as a center for co-creation through data science education, research, and collaboration both internally and externally.