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Greetings from the President

Kiyofumi Asai, MD, Ph.D.

As of the 2022 academic year, Nagoya City University has set up the presidency apart from the chairpersonship. As the 18th President, I am determined to exert myself to the utmost in order to further develop the education and research of NCU.

In 2014, we established the “Charter of Nagoya City University” as the basic philosophy and action guideline of NCU, and also set out four visions in the “Future Plan of Nagoya City University.” Thus, as a corporation, NCU has advanced reforms toward the medium-term goals while holding to the direction in which the entire university should proceed. As a guidepost to indicate NCU’s direction from a long-term and strategic viewpoint, we set up the “Future Plan of Nagoya City University 2021” in February 2021, and the “Future Plan of Graduate Schools of Nagoya City University 2021” in January 2022. We will continue to evolve without letting the essence of our mission out of our sight and without being afraid of change.

The major activity of the university is the generation of knowledge. In order for NCU to continue to be an intellectual base, we will make an effort to promote interdisciplinary and innovative research, and to realize innovation on the basis of social issues and needs. We will also work on the creation of an attractive environment for research and the further securement of funding for the sake of continued improvement of our research ability.

Regarding education in these fast-changing modern times, an important mission of the university is to train up “autonomous learners” who can solve issues for themselves even after they go out into the world. For SDGs and diversity, above all, which are social issues, I would like to ask all students to learn and understand them and use what they have learned for their personal improvement.

The pandemic of COVID-19 from January 2020 has forced universities to change the form of their classes. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, it is presumable that universities across the country will not resume their previous class form but take a composite form of face-to-face and online modes. To keep up with the times, we will proceed with the DX (digital transformation) occurring in the educational field. 
Finally, in April 2023, we plan to establish the School of Data Science, integrate the Nagoya City Chuo Vocational School for Nursing into the School of Nursing of NCU, and affiliate the Nagoya City Midori Municipal Hospital and the hospital of Nagoya City Koseiin Medical Welfare Center with NCU’s University Hospital. For the further development of NCU,we, all faculty members, through our effort and perseverance, will strive for the realization of NCU’s philosophy.

Kiyofumi Asai, MD, Ph.D. President Nagoya City University