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Management, Evaluations, Ethics, Gender Equality

University Management

NCU operates on its own income sources, including tuition fees , and operating cost subsidies,etc. from Nagoya City. Making the most as a corporation, NCU carries on independent, sound management through flexible, speedy decision making, human resource securement, clerical work and other management procedures under the finance and accounting system based on the standard business accounting practices. In addition, NCU makes its financial standing open to the public online in the form of financial statements, budget, income and expenditure plan, and cash plan.

Management Council, Education Research Council

NCU has established the Management Council as an organ for deliberating important matters related to the management of the corporation. The Management Council comprises 15 or less members, including the Chairman of the Board at the highest level, the Vice Chairman of the Board, Trustees, intellectuals outside the campus and others. Moreover, as an organ for deliberating important matters related to education and research, NCU has established the Education Research Council comprising 25 or less members, including the President, the Vice Chairman, Trustees, Deans and education-related persons outside the campus.

Self-evaluation and Its Review

Under the School Education Law,we have published on our website the resurts of self-examination and evaluation for activities pertaining to education and research,organization and management,in order to contribute to the improvement of the institution.


Under the School Education Law, the overall condition of NCU (education and research, organization and management, and facilities and equipment) is to be periodically evaluated by an accreditation body authenticated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
In the 2016 academic year, NCU was evaluated by the Japan University Accreditation Association, an accreditation body, and "accredited to be in conformity with the university standards established by the Association."
We have posted the results of the review on our website. We are determined to further improve our activities and management based on the review.


Aiming to be a reliable corporation, NCU is making efforts to promote "compliance." "Compliance" assumes that corporations act with a sense of ethics and a sense of mission, as well as strictly observe the laws and regulations. NCU intends to win the confidence of society by promoting its efforts to enhance a sense of ethics.

Gender Equality

NCU established the Gender Equality Promotion Center in April 2014. The Center formulates gender equality policies and action plans, coordinates educational seminars, offers academic courses, and conduct research. In promoting the University's next generation nurturing support action plan, the Center ensures high-quality on-campus childcare to be available to the faculty and staff. The Center also serves the university community in many other areas: work-life-balance consultations, harassment prevention initiatives, advocating gender-balanced hiring through affirmative action, and assistance programs for female researchers. NCU strives to create a university community in which all students, faculty, and staff, irrespective of gender, feel respected, share responsibilities, and can utilize their individuality and abilities to achieve their potentials to the fullest extent.