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Japanese Language Program

The following Japanese language courses are open to students at Nagoya City University.

Regular Curriculum

Course Categories

● Japanese Reading & Listening
● Japanese Writing
● Japanese Discussion
● Japanese Presentation
● Advanced Japanese
● Japanese Report Writing

Course registration

(1)Exchange students can take up to four of the following Japanese language courses above per semester for a maximum of eight per academic year.

(2)Graduate students and research students can audit up to two Japanese language courses per semester. (No acquisition of credits)
They need to acquire Japanese language skills at the same level as N3 on Japanese language proficiency test. The students, who have never taken Japanese language proficiency test, are required to have an interview with their supervisor. If the students' level is lower than requirements, they are not able to take the classes.

(3)Privately financed foreign students (undergraduate) must follow the syllabus in their own faculty and register their required courses.

(4)The Japanese reading and listening and Japanese writing courses are divided into intermediate and advanced levels. As a rule, privately financed foreign students can register advanced courses and exchange students,
graduate students and research students can register intermediate level. They can take the upper level,if they get permission high enough to take the advanced level from their supervisor.

No Credit Japanese Classes

Japanese Classes for International Students

1. Aim
This Japanese class offer chance for International students( including graduate students, research students, exchange students) to improve their Japanese ability and reduce the anxiety of their lives and classes.

2. Applicant Eligibility
International students(graduate students, research students, exchange students)

3. Course
Spring semester(April to May)
Summer Intensive course(September)
Fall semester(November)

4. Fee
free of charge

5. Credit
No credit for this class

6. Application
After International Exchange Center announce recruitment of this class, please submit the necessary form by the deadline.
Recruitment will be announced around March for Spring semester, August for Summer Intensive Course and October for Fall semester.

7. For more infomation
International Affairs Office /International Exchange Center (Takiko Campus)
E-mail: ryugaku[at]sec.nagoya-cu.ac.jp