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Doctoral Course

Doctoral Course

The Doctoral Course intends to foster the development of educators and researchers who have strong academic backgrounds in clinical and research nursing practice and theory. There is an increasing demand for nurses with strong research skills as these become recognized as an important factor in nurse education, management and clinical experience. The PhD course covers health promotion and innovative treatment and care in a number of research specialities

Comprehensive Clinical Nursing

Reproductive Health Nursing

Using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, this course aims to investigate the health problems of women and their families at each life stage, as well as parent-child relationships, and nursing and support in pregnany which aims to prevent risks that threaten sexual and reproductive health.

Critical Care Nursing

This course aims to evaluate the nursing issues faced by patients and their families undergoing critical care due to acute disease, trauma or invasive treatment by employing physiology, psychology and sociology theory, approaches and methodologies.

Gerontological Nursing

Students are asked to conceptualize and research the health and social problems of elderly people and their families in order to develop multi-disciplinary approaches to aging and the nursing and care of elderly people.

Distinctive Clinical Nursing

Infection Control and Prevention

Students explore infection control and prevention nursing from a broad range of perspectives, at both individual and group levels. Research focus is on the care and prevention of nosocomial and community-acquired infections.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

The focus of research activities is on building support systems for nursing in psychiatric units, as well as the creation of support-centers and working places for people with mental illnesses. Another area of study is the development of support for children with psychological or developmental problems.

Community Health Nursing/
Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control

The focus of research activities is on health care for individuals, families and groups in the community as well as the social factors related to health and illness. While respecting the view points and sense of values of that community approaches bring, we aim to research the theories and practices related to community health assessment, health promotion and disease prevention and treatment at the community level.

Another focus of research is on sexuality related health issues in Japan and the Asian region , HIV and STI laboratory testing methods, epidemiology, prevention and care which are examined from community health and biomedical perspectives.