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【Research News】TDP-43 accelerates age-dependent degeneration of interneurons

November 20,2017

Researchers found in mice that the degeneration of interneuron in the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory storage, occurs upon aging. The degeneration was acceleraated in neurological disease mouse model. Curing the death of interneurons could be a new target for the treatment of age-related neurological diseases.

Intact(arrowheads) and degenerating interneurons (arrows) in the hippocampus of aged mice

Accelerated interneuron death at Neuronal desease

Published Online Date :2 July, 2017

Journal:Scientific Reports

Title TDP-43 accelerates age-dependent degeneration of interneurons
Author Hitomi Tsuiji, Ikuyo Inoue, Mari Takeuchi, Asako Furuya, Yuko Yamakage, Seiji Watanabe, Masato Koike, Mitsuharu Hattori, Koji Yamanaka
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