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Information for International Students


Nagoya City University has a dormitory which students can move into low price.
When dormitory application information is updated on the notice board and the website, please apply to International Affairs Office, Department of Student Affairs.

A private room

japanese style room1
japanese style room1

japanese style room1
japanese style room1





Bath, W.C., Wash basin, Sink, Air conditioner
*No desk, chair, bed, refrigerator, washing machine, gas ring and microwave oven

Layout of a room


A six-mat tatami room A six-mat tatami room

Monthly fee

Room rental fees:JPY20,000(transfer at the bank teller)
Common service fees(including water charge and wi-fi charge):JPY5,000(pay at International Affairs Office)
Electricity and gas charge:Self-pay

In case of moving into or leaving the dormitory in the middle of the month, we calculate the rental fees and common service fees by the day according to the number of days staying for that month.

Days of stay Rental room fee Common service fee
15 days or less Half of the month's fee Half of the month's fee
16 days or more Full amount Full amount

*However, if we do not receive the 'Leaving Notice' by the 15th of the month previously you leave, resident must pay the rental fees and common service fees for that whole month.

Duration of residence

From the date admitting of moving into until 15th March within 2 years
*The duration can be extended in less than 1 years, in principle, up to 2 times.


*No smoking around the dormitory.
*Sort the garbage and make sure to put them out on the designed date at the designed dumping sites.
*No visitors(including family members or friends)are allowed to stay overnight.
*No pets.
*When leaving the dormitory, if there is a problem, bear the cost to restore the room to its original condition. Please note that the room should be cleaned and restored as initial condition before moving out. Up to the room condition, the cost of repair and cleaning will be charged.

Dormitory Booklet in English.pdf(PDF 576.2 KB)


2-8 Dankei-dori, Showa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 467-8501
・Nearest subway station:Tshurumai Line Kawana Station 6minutes walk
・Nearest bus stop:Dankri-Dori 3 chome bus stop 3minutes walk

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